20-year-old software developer and entrepreneur. I am a head of special operations at Iceberg Digital.

I met software by coding computer game with PHP at the age of 12. I continued working on software field in various categories. I founded my team called Leadfure in 2016. I managed game forums and leagues which attented about 20k people related haxball. After my and my team’s experience in audience management, we published browser based game called Winball that has been played about 10k people. I and my team had worked on improving game, making marketing and solving technical problems for 1 year.

I worked on marketing and published various blog and sectoral websites that has been clicked by many people and gained many achievements. I joined the best innovative company that based UK in 2019 July. I am working on Lifesycle that the best marketing and CRM estate agent software as software developer. I am a special operations software developer now, I am leading on making ideas into real by producing crazy and quick prototypes, automating all things and scraping data sets.